Laura Mølgaard Tams

Laura lives in Copenhagen where she affords living through working with IT - a field she has also received some academic training in.
Most of her time she does things that doesn't get her paid such as activism. She is an intersectional feminist with a strong dedication to transfeminism and usually works together with activists in the queer feminist communities of Copenhagen. She welcomes anti-capitalism and is friendly to veganism and its ethical philosophies and wants to move her life towards perpetuating capitalism and speciecism less.
She hosts meetings in Transkønnet Netværk - a networking and self-help group for transgender people based in Copenhagen under LGBT Denmark.
Laura is fond of queerness and wishes to influence the world in a way that will upset the status quo and pave way for greater diversity. She dreams of publishing a book about language and the consequences of certain words and certain definitions of those words with a focus on discourses on transgender identities, non-heterosexualism, gender non-conformity and femininity.



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