Body politics and beauty

Focus on beauty and looks is reestablished when many of the activists from the body positive movement insist that everyone is beautiful. But this is a reproduction of not only the conventional standards of beauty, it is also a reproduction of beauty as a marker of value.

And then there was sexism in photojournalism

As I squat the spare bedroom in my friends' flat, my offender will speak in front of 1600 guest from a national stage, lauded as a national hero and the advocate of the weak and vulnerable. The man that fanatically sang the racist hooligan slogan "Let's go whites" in my face, the man that asked me to get a dick tattooed in between my breast with cum up my neck and the man that never paid me a salary.

This year’s salmon is rotten

When LGBT Denmark chooses to ‘honor’ the Parliament’s Health Committee for their decision to move the diagnoses, they are giving a pat on the back to an institution that has actually done nothing for trans rights in practice.

Detransition: Stop this buzzword

When I think about the trans and queer communities as a whole and some of the values I hope these communities hold close - I get discouraged when conversations about detransitioning come up as negative. If we all already acknowledge the fact that gender is fluid, and the fact that the binary is bullshit, why are we pissing on folks who acknowledge that fluidity and change within themselves?

No-Cis-Men Separatism

There was a time when I loved this idea and these spaces. Cis men take up way too much space in the world. Still, this approach certainly doesn’t preclude other varieties of bullshit – and that’s the stuff I’d like to interrogate.

Removing the diagnosis: Not the answer?

It makes sense to retain a diagnosis for transgender people to ensure the right to this medical care. I’d love to help contest the paradigm that deems transgender a disorder by highlighting that our sick world’s refusal to to accept trans people is the problem. But in the meantime a lot of trans people need health care.

As a Danish trans woman, ‘The Danish Girl’ makes me feel ridiculed

Blockbuster ‘The Danish Girl’ has been praised for taking up trans issues in a major Hollywood production. Unfortunately, this film is just one more in a long line of tragic, stereotypical portrayals of trans experience. Laura Tams wrote a danish review of the film for Alt for Damerne.

Why does trans still have to be so tragic?

Why not tell stories that insist that there isn’t anything wrong with being trans instead of again and again obsessing over the things that you, the people not living our lives, imagine are hard for us?

Queer Normative Frustrations

Masculinity is read as more serious than femininity in the mainstream. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this also happens in queer communities. When I hear my queer, anarchist lesbian friend advised to cut off her long hair or have to scour a queer party for people presenting femininity I feel unseen – and sometimes, unreal.