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Unsafe spaces

The last two months (REALLY, REALLY??) have been rife with TERF (Trans Exclusive Radical Feminist) fuckery in Danish feminist internet spheres AND in mainstream media. It's freerange for the anyone who says they're feminist to be a fucking asshole to trans people because free speech, right?

It's funny on some levels. I mean... the sort of bullshit they're spouting is really sad. And I have to think sometimes - wow this can't last. Surely people are going to realize that this is just good old fashioned bigotry dressed up in a feminist jacket. Sure. Well to be honest... It has been hell. There are few safe spaces on facebook where we can discuss what kind of hell it has been but one of them has just been - supposedly - infiltrated. We just got word that we should stop posting in there because things are being shared.

This whole situation can make a person pretty anxious and paranoid. And I'm already talking about a group of people - queers - who are disproportionately likely to have mental health issues.

There are so many fucking conclusions running through my head.


  1. What the HELL do the TERFS want? Literally, what is the motive of sharing information/posts from an LGBT safe space group in order to better your trans hating cause? Okay. Assuming they think that the TERF thing is a great idea – it’s not, but we’re going pretend we’re convinced of that. STILL – what the hell? Where is your dignity? People share incredibly private stories about identity, self, insecurities, little triumphs, fears of seeing family… such a variety. That’s just low.
  1. What are they up to? What is their motivation, agenda, whatever you want to call it? We know that the existence of transgender people makes them feel threatened. We know that they don’t want feminism to analyze power critically. We know that they think the word ‘cis’ violates their human rights. BUT WHAT THEY HELL ARE THEY UP TO?
  1. WE NEED TO LEAVE FACEBOOK. My techie genius friends have been saying this for ages and I always knew they were right but now I’m actually starting to feel the urgency myself. This is a sinking ship. We ARE the sinking ship. So when it goes down, we are going down. EVERYBODY GO TO MASTODON. Some cool people who know more about this will be writing about it soon but cliff notes: it’s decentralized, no corporation can own your information, you can co-create a community and ensure that bigoted bullshit is not allowed, and there is no psychological profiling going on behind the scenes because it’s open-source.

This is such a waste of the energy of so many of my favorite people. On the positive side at least it’s abundantly clear who that fucked up bigots are. They are outing themselves left and right. At least… that’s what I was thankful for until this most recent breach.


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