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TERF time = rally time

HELLO COPENHAGEN - we need to push back against this TERF hatred. I'm literally scared and uncomfortable. This is my first blog post here... actually my first blog post that isn't a travel post. So I expect to tinker quite a bit with my tone and language over time...

Yesterday I posted something longer on facebook... which I don't often do. Ironically I was posting about how facebook is not at all a viable option for online community. The lastest proof of this being Nazis infiltrating Sophie Labelle's page. Sophie Labelle and Assigned Male Comics were banned from facebook because Men's Rights Activists mass-reported her for having inappropriate content. At least - I think that's what happned. In any event her page was compromised. Her own site was infiltrated and replaced with horrendous Nazi imagery. These people have been threatening to kill her, telling her to kill herself, and taunting her on every platform possible because she's trans, successful, and beautiful. *This has been happening for months and facebook apparently doesn't give a crap.*

The content they take issue with is the art of a self-assured, whip-smart trans woman who tells stories from the perspective of a cute trans girl standing up for herself and her friends.

'Internet hate' is NOT something that happens just because people can hide behind a keyboard and act out in anger. This is a coordinated attack. And it's part of a broader strategy to identify and silence transgender women - preferably by making them kill themselves.

And of all days... it was International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, Biphobia, and Interphobia (note - bi and intersex folks are often not actually included in the day). Really, well done facebook.

We have got to get out of here. Here meaning facebook.

This post was taken in large part from a facebook update I made yesterday. Let's move our ideas off facebook and onto independent pages like this one!!

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